Full ACRA Reporting

Tracepot was built specially for ACRA to collect and present all the valuable information that a crash report contains in easy form.

Fulltext Search

Find relevant crashes really fast. Use our fulltext search functionality to search in LogCat or Stacktrace for any piece of information.

Looks Great on any Device

Desktop, tablet, mobile. Tracepot will always adapt to your device to provide you the best viewing experience. Your Android crash reports anywhere.

User / Device History

Want to see crashes for a particular user? Just enter his Android ID and you will see all crashes including when an app was updated or reinstalled.

Release / Development Mode

Easily switch between release and development version so you can focus only on crashes that happens to your customers and not your devs.


Invite your team members to work together on your app. With different privileges you can make any team member an Admin, Developer or just a Viewer.


Get an email when a new issue occur or receive notification in your Slack room.

ProGuard Support

Automatic de-obfuscation of stack-traces with retrace. Manual or automatic mapping file upload.

Wrote About Us

“A minimal investment into a sophisticated monitoring system such as Tracepot can save you many thousands Euros, which could be invested into acquisition campaigns. It improves the quality of your app and it leads to a better rating in the Google Play Store. This technology should be considered by developers as well as by marketers as an efficient alternative to improve the quality of an app.
Fast notifications regarding new bugs and a clear listing of all data which are needed to repair a specific problem allow to create an immediate fix in order to prevent any bigger damage caused by an error in your app.”

Source: Why Do Users Uninstall Apps? by Marketing support Ltd. (read full research here)


It's free!

However to prevent abuse there are some limits:
30 days history • 30,000 crash reports per month
(if you need more you can contact me)